January: A New Year Ahead

January was a productive month for me. I was able to attend Surf Expo and made travel plans for the upcoming year.

Surf Expo was a huge success for me. I was able to see all my amazing sponsors and give them updates on the previous and upcoming year. During Surf Expo, I was also inducted into the ESA Allstar team for the fourth year in a row. This year, I will be a Jr. Mentor on the team, which I am very excited about!

This year, I will be attending several surf contests. In March, I will be going to the NSSA East Coast Championships. In April, I will be going to the ESA Southeast Regionals. In June, I will be going out to California to compete in the NSSA National Championships and the Surfing America U.S. Championships. Finally, in September I will be going to the ESA East Coast Championships. I am super excited about all of the upcoming events I will be able to compete in.

On a non-surfing note, I will also be going to Kenya for my Spring Break. As an update: my family’s non-profit (Every Girl Counts) has built a high school in the slum of Kibera and it will be opening February 29 of this year. For Spring Break, my mom, sister, and I will be going to Kenya to meet the girls and boys attending the school. We will be able to throw a party in celebration of opening the school. We will also be able to bring many of the school supplies the students will need in the upcoming year. I will be able to take about a hundred pairs of shoes (given to me by my sponsor Cobian footwear) to give out to the children there in Kenya. Needless to say, I am very excited about my upcoming trip.

Two weeks ago, the Tennessee State Legislature named me Tennessee’s Ambassador of Surfing. I am super excited to be named this, and I am looking forward to attending the joint committee later this month to be presented the award.

January was a productive month for me because I was able to meet with my sponsors, plan the upcoming year, and get exciting news from the State Legislature. I am super excited for the months to come, and the opportunities that they will bring with them.