November and December: The Holiday Months

November and December are probably my favorite months of the year because of the celebrations, food, and fun times I had with friends and family. They were full of parties, family, and good food.

November started off with a new holiday my family dubbed “Novembrus.” Novembrus is the first week of November that starts with a big meal and ends with my family putting up Christmas decorations. We had a sausage-stuffed, bacon-wrapped turducken. It was definitely amazing. My family followed that day with a week and a half of setting up Christmas decorations.

I have two younger sisters, one whose birthday is in November. For her party, we had a petting zoo come to our house so she and her friends could pet/play with the animals. She had the biggest smile on, almost as big as mine when I go to pet and feed an Alpaca (I love Alpacas). We finished November off with Thanksgiving. All of my family came together in one house and we all ate and laughed together.

December is my favorite of the two holiday months because of all of the events that happen during this month. First, school let out for Christmas break! It was relieving to do well on midterms and have the opportunity to chill over winter break. A few days before Christmas, my family rented a party bus and we went to look at Christmas lights around Nashville (this is always one of my favorite things to do). Christmas Eve is when my dad’s side of the family comes together for church service, dinner, and presents. Christmas day is when my sisters and I get presents from each other, our parents, and my mom’s side of the family.

In surfing news, I was named ESM's Scholar Athlete of the Year for my 4.5 GPA in school. I am really excited to have won this award, along with a small write-up in the magazine. 

Friends are always fun to hang out with. I got to hang out with my best friend, Cassidy, and take a few pictures. I thought it would be fun, and they turned out really well. It was a great way to end the year. New Year’s eve also makes the rankings. We don’t really have tradition, but this year we watched the Alabama game (we won… woohoo!!!!). I enjoyed watching the game with my family, along with watching the ball drop at midnight.

2015 has been a really good year, but I cannot wait for the opportunities of 2016. In other news, check back here for some workout tips, healthy recipes, and small updates throughout the next year! Until next time… Save me a wave!