October: Running and Trick-or-Treating

The month of October was another interesting month for me. I missed out on some waves, two contests, and was benched from working out. Even though parts were rough, I still enjoyed being able to take my sisters trick-or-treating and volunteer at a cross-country 5K.

Due to my concussion last month, I have been sidelined from all surfing and training. It has really forced me to take a step back and appreciate the opportunities to surf I have. It has also made me want to train more that I have before, which is much needed. I missed out on two contests because of the concussion. That was probably the hardest part of it all: not being able to compete. I am looking forward to when I can compete again, even if the water is freezing.

This month was the first annual Every Girl Counts Classic. It was a 5K that our non-profit hosted and it went amazing! We raised money to furnish the high school in Kenya that will be opening in January. We had over almost 100 runners for the first race, so I am super stoked about that. I cannot wait to go back to Kenya in January for the grand-opening of the school.

Halloween always marks the end of the “Halloween season.” I enjoyed taking my sisters trick-or-treating and watching them get candy. My favorite part of the evening was when we returned home and counted the candy. They got over 500 pieces of candy! Wow!

October was full of fun for my family and me. I enjoyed the 5K run and trick-or-treating. I cannot wait for November and the beginning of Christmas season! Let’s go, November!