Bright Hope Education Center is a Christian secondary school to serve impoverished youth from the Kibera slum of Nairobi.  Every Girl Counts and Swahiba Youth Networks have purchased a one-quarter acre piece of property located approximately 4 miles outside the slum.  The quiet, pastoral setting offers an ideal place for kids to focus on their studies.  Once completed, Bright Hope will educate 140 kids annually, prepare them for University, and help break the cycle of generational poverty.


In 2012, Every Girl Counts began empowering with a hope of a brighter future through self-sustaining businesses, such as 20-year-old mother Lucy who works as a seamstress. Every Girl Counts gave Lucy a seeing machine back in 2012. Today, Lucy is able to sustain herself and her family because of her business. 




In 2011 after hearing the plight of impoverished kids with no shoes - girls especially - Georgia and her younger sister Sadie decided to give some of their money towards purchasing them the basic necessity of shoes. Four years later, Georgia and her partners Beautiful Feet and Cobian Footwear have donated over 7,500 pairs of shoes to kids in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Brazil, Nicaragua and Guatemala who don't have any.


Many young girls struggle to attend school because of lack of sanitary pads each month. Time spent out of the classroom learning exposes them to sexual abuse. Once girls graduate from school, the struggle to have sanitary pads still exists and many young women are susceptible to prostitution to provide money for basic life necessities like sanitary pads. In 2013 and 2014, Every Girl Counts was the recipient of over 200 sanitary pad packages each year that were collected and distributed to Uganda and Kenya. 


Poverty and Hunger go hand in hand. Many homes in Kibera are single parent homes that struggle to have one meal a day -- children are often most affected by hunger and suffer the consequences of stunted growth, more susceptibility to disease and illness and learning disabilities. One way Every Girl Counts helps to sustain life in the Kibera slum is through the delivery of food to needy families.