Medicine Helps

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Today was the second day here in Kenya. We slept like little babies again (I was even snoring according to my mother). This morning, there were more pancakes! I ate four of them this morning.

Peter came and ate with us and Chris joined us a little later. Today is a day I am really looking forward to. Again, we started the day off right with a devotional led by my mom.

After that, we sorted the sanitary pads and shoes we were going to give to the girls while we are here. It was interesting to learn that all of the shoes were the same size!

Later, Lucy and her apprentice Elizabeth came over so we could give Elizabeth a sewing machine for her to start her own business or work with Lucy after she is done training. We went to Lucy's shop where we got to see her sewing machine and her other partners. I was so surprised to see Lucy's 3-year-old boy sick with malaria. It was so sad to see him like that. Hopefully the medicine Lucy got him will help him get better.

When we got back, we headed straight to Cheryll's Childrens home. Once we got there, we introduced ourselves and got right to work. We were washing the kids' feet and giving them a new pair of shoes. Thanks Beautiful Feet!  It was so amazing!

That day was a long day full of new experiences, like washing feet and giving shoes. I cannot wait for the rest of the week.

Lesson of the Day: Don't complain about medicine. It helps.