March Madness

March so far has been really busy. It has been full of celebrations, interviews, free stuff, and traveling.

The first weekend was my birthday. My bestest friend in the whole wide world, Marissa, came to visit me. She flew up from Tybee. Even though her flight was delayed, she still was able to come that Friday night. We celebrated all weekend. On Saturday, my actual birthday, we went to Sky High again with my cousins and other family. We then went to a fancy schmancy Italian restaurant for lunch. The r est of that day, we hung out and ate more cake. That night, I went with my mom, Sadie, Marissa, and two friends Dixie and Hope to the bowling ally. We went bowling from 11pm-2am and had a bast. All in all, it was a great day. That Sunday, I went to church and then to a mexican restaurant. After that, we went rollerskating. I am actually pretty good at rollerskating. Marissa taught me how to go around the circle thing without slowing down. We were having a good time, until Sadie ran into a wall and fractured her wrist. On the bright side, school was cancelled the next day. Marissa had to go home that next day, and it was snowy and icy. We left early to avoid having her miss her flight, and we went to kmart. We had so much fun until her flight. I cannot wait to see her at regionals.

The next weekend, I went to speak at a girls conference in Alabama. My break out session was the most attended. I loved speaking to those girls. They were so nice and appreciative. They asked some really interesting questions. My favorite one was “Do you still take swimming lessons?” The experience was amazing and I loved speaking.

Throughout the week, I had a few interviews. One was with a new blog spot. It was so cool to be asked those questions. Also, I Am Second came to interview me and make a video about my trip to Kenya. I loved being interviewed.

Now, I am on a plane headed to Nairobi, Kenya. I cannot wait for the week ahead.

March has been really busy for me and my family. It has been full of celebrations, interviews, free stuff, and traveling.