Keep your eyes open

Today was the first official day here in Kenya. We (my mom, me, and the attorney for EGC Britt) woke up after sleeping like babies, got ready, then ate breakfast. I had the best pancakes ever!

After that, we left for the day and headed to Swahiba Youth Network's headquarters. When we go there, we were greeted with smiles, hugs, and started the day off right with a devotion.

We then met with four girls who will be making necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for us to sell back home. We will buy the materials for them to make the items and then we will finish paying them when everything is made. These girls can make a set of jewelry faster than I can string some beads onto a pipe cleaner! They walked from their houses just to get to this meeting. It was so cool to meet them and you could kinda tell that they were excited. I cannot wait to bring the jewelry back to America and then get more jewelry from these girls.


Next, we went to a home of one of the girls, Joyce, who is in the Mentorship and Empowerment Program (MEP). She lives with her aunt, five siblings, and seven cousins. The aunt has two places right next to each other, but the rooms are each about the size of my bathroom. She lives in the slum of Kibera. The slums is super smelly and is a mix of human waste and trash. It really makes you open your eyes to how little these people have compared to us complaining that we didn't get “the new phone we wanted...”

After that, we went to a Elite Visionary high school, or secondary school as they call it. One thing Peter's organization Swahiba does is work with high school girls. We accompanied Peter's staff to share a word of encouragement to them. I was able to speak a little, mom was able to speak a little, and Britt was able to speak a little. There were about 30 girls who accepted Jesus right then and there. It was so amazing!

To end the day, we came back to the hotel for a delicious dinner and are about to sleep. Today may be the first day, but it has already opened my eyes so much.

Lesson of the day: Open your eyes, it is amazing what you might see.