Encouragement can change lives

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today is the third day here in Kenya. I slept so well last night. This morning, we had MORE PANCAKES!! I love the food here, it is so amazing.

We went to do our daily devotional again. This morning, we sang a new song and it was pretty cool. We then went to visit the new Hope Academy school land site. It is very nice and peaceful. We met a man named Francis; he is the son of the land owner. His daughter, who had been 11 months old, died because of Rotovirus. We prayed for him and his wife, and they both cried during the prayer. It was so sad to see.

After we got back, we spoke to the Mentorship and Empowerment Program girls. My mom spoke for about an hour and fifteen minutes. The girls loved her. Britt talked, too. She was so inspirational telling the girls that they can do anything they set their mind to. I spoke for a little and the girls loved it! During the time I spoke, I had 2-3 girls become a Christian. It was awesome! Afterwards, they ate their snack and were dismissed.

That night was so long. I ate dinner, had some ice cream that was the bomb dot com, and then went to bed.

Lesson of the day: Encouragement can change the lives of others.