Is Summer Really Over?

This August has been a good month in general. It started off at Tybee when the waves finally decided to show up. That was quickly followed by the start of sophomore year of high school. Finally, there were a few free weekends to have fun. Even though it was fun, summer has officially ended. 

The first week of August, I was still at Tybee with my mom and sisters. We all knew school was starting soon, we just didn’t want to accept the fact that it was only a week away. There was finally a little swell my friends and I were able to surf before school started back. I was even able to try my new longboard that I had made! To end our summer at Tybee, we decided to do one last party on the beach and one last crab hunt. It was a huge success and we got to see all of our friends together one last time before we had to leave to come back to Tennessee.

The beginning of school was rough, I’m not going to lie. It was full of change and confusion mixed with happiness of seeing our friends and getting back into rhythm. It wasn’t all bad, though. I have some really great teachers and cool classes. Because school has started, Friday Night Lights have started too. I love going to my school football games because we have the best student section around and we are awesome at football (we have not lost a game yet!). I enjoy being able to hang out with friends and watch some football.

Because I was able to watch football on Friday nights, I was also able to stay home for a few weekends. During that time I got caught up on homework, we went to the lake a few times, and I was able to hang out with friends on the weekend. I enjoyed going to the lake with my family. We went surfing behind the boat, we went tubing together, and we even went to The Cliffs! My best friend Bella came with us, too, and we had a blast!

Since school has started, Young Life also has too! Every Monday night, I host Young Life at my house. At Young Life we play games, do a bible study, and have a great time!

Now that I am not at the beach surfing every day, I have started training again with Julie, my trainer. I go and workout with her every week and she is helping me maintain my muscles while I am not able to surf. I am excited to be working with her again this year.

August has been a busy month for me. I have enjoyed all the change and fun that I have had. Summer is officially over, but the surfing is not stopping. September is here and I cannot wait for what it has in store for me! Until next time… save me a wave!!!!!!!