June: New Surf Beaks, New Experiences

June has been a month full of traveling and new surf breaks and new experiences. My family and I travelled to Florida, Georgia, and California.

The first week of June, we were in Florida. Orlando, Florida, that is. We stayed in Orlando and drove to Ponce Inlet a few days that week. In Orlando, we went to the pool and hung out around the condo complex. Also, we got annual passes to Fun Spot America. It is like an amusement park mixed with a fair and so fun! When we were at Ponce, we surfed some awesome waves. They were really big at the beginning of the week, but they were much smaller at the end of the week. All in all, it was a great way to start off the month of June.


The first weekend in June, we went to Folly Beach, South Carolina. That weekend was the Folly Beach Wahine Classic competition. It was fun, friendly, and a great way to see some awesome friends. Cassidy McClain is a friend I met there last year at the same competition. It was between us two for the Fun One Division title--again. She got it, again! When the comp was over, I finished 4th in the Pro Longboard, 3rd in Girls Shortboard, 2nd in Fun One, and 1st in Girls Longboard. I even won a little bit of money for my 4th place in the Pro!  Overall, a great comp!


The second week of June, we went back to Florida. We still stayed at a condo in Orlando and drove to Ponce every single day of the week. We went to Shea Lopez's surf camp. Well, my two younger sisters were in the camp and I was hanging out on the sidelines. I still got to surf and get some coaching from Shea though. It was awesome to see some of our friends who live in Ponce. That coaching was something that I needed and I'm so thankful to have help from one of the best!


The third week of June, we went to Tybee. The waves were okay, but I really loved being able to see all of my friends. We got to surf together and my other family members were at Tybee, too. The week was good to get back into the swing of training hard for the summer.


The final week of June, we went to California. We surfed every single day we were there at new breaks. We went to Old Man's, Riveras, HB Pier Southside, Salt Creek and Del Mar. During the middle of the week, my dad and I travelled to West, Texas, for me to speak at an I Am Second youth camp. There were over 600 kids there! It went amazing and everybody loved it. I flew back to California and then had an opportunity to speak at the Walking on Water Surf Camp at Del Mar with the Cobian and Bryan Jennings. On June 28th I had my NSSA heat at Huntington Beach. I finished 5th in Explorer Women's Longboard for the entire nation at the NSSA National Championships. It was an amazing end to a great week in California.

June was a really busy month and I cannot wait to see what July holds!