It's Contest Time

This April had two major contests. The first one was NSSA East Coast Championships and then there was the ESA Md-Atlantic Regionals a week after that.

During the NSSA East Coast Championships, I ended up finishing 3rd for the Explorer Junior Womens Longboard final. That week was so amazing. I went with my mom to NSB a few days before the comp began to surf a little. While I was there, I got a new longboard made by Scott Brill (Brill Boardz) that is totally awesome. I can now turn the board better and still get to the nose the same. I got to practice a lot, and one day I got to work with Shea. He really helped me turn my board better by fixing my stance. The waves at NSSA were so much fun; they were clean, sometimes barreling, and a decent size with time to get back out between sets. NSSA was a great way to start off the season.

During ESA Mid-Atlantic Regionals, I ended up placing 4th for Jr. Womens Longboard, I got the Iron Woman Award, and I WON the Girls Shortboard division. That week was so amazing! I got there in time to surf a few days before my heats started and the waves weren't all that good. When I got there, I mainly longboarded until my mom made me shortboard (I am so glad she did that, otherwise I wouldn't have won). I got to work with the Allstar coaches and team captain some and that was also really helpful. While I was there, I also got to see some of my best friends and meet some new people. ESA Regionals were so amazing; I cannot wait for the next comps to come.

All in all, April was a good month for me: I won Girls at ESA, got Iron Woman at ESA, got 4th at ESA, and got 3rd at NSSA (I will be going out to California this summer to compete at Nationals). Summer can't come soon enough...