Where are the waves?


October has been an interesting month. School has gotten busier, competitions have become farther and fewer between, and I was able to speak at a girls conference.One quarter into school and I am already staying up really late and am having a bunch of assignments and projects, but I still have all A’s. At school, I am a part of STARS (Students Taking A Right Stand) and we did a service project for the months of September and it ran into the first of October. We partnered with Every Girl Counts and sold bracelets. All of the proceeds went to Every Girl Counts and we sold almost 100 bracelets! It was very successful and I am glad we could do it.

As far as competitions go, I went to Tybee once last month for an ESA competition. I finished 1st in Menehune Longboard and Open Bodyboard, 2nd in Girls shortboard, 2nd in Jr. Womens Longboard, and 2nd in Menehune Bodyboard. It was an okay competition and I cannot wait for the November competition. I missed the Surfing America Prime competition for this, but I plan on doing the other ones. I will also be competing for the NSSA this year. ESA might be slowing down but NSSA is just starting. 


I was able to speak at a girls conference this past month in Gadsden, AL and it was awesome. I loved the opportunity and the girls there were fired up to learn more. I not only got to speak, but I also got to participate in one of their service projects. It was a great experience!

October wasn’t super busy, but it also wasn’t a boring month. I got to surf, speak, and use my school club as an opportunity to make a difference. I can't wait for November!