Ponce Inlet, Disney and ESA Contest.......

Shakayall! The past few weeks have been great! We’ve surfed Folly Beach, gone swimming in the pool and rode out Tropical Storm Andrea.  And we also went to Orlando for Disney and surfing in New Smyrna Beach and Ponce Inlet.   Surfing at Ponce Inlet was so much fun. There were great waves to surf, great people to surf with, and very few sharks. 

Promptly after arriving in Orlando from Folly, we went to Disney World! Because we have annual passes, we get to go anytime we are in the area. Since we were staying in Orlando, we surfed in the day, and we went to Disney at night because, each night, it was open until midnight or later. 

Surfing was great, especially since it was with Shea Lopez!

Georgia and Shea Lopez discuss how to improve her turns.

Georgia and Shea Lopez discuss how to improve her turns.

The weekend waves were ok, but Monday’s waves were awesome!  In other words from a friend, “Ponce is going off today, man! These waves are sick and the conditions are perfect!” The waves there were 5-7 feet, the water was crystal-clear, and it was super glassy. I just couldn’t believe I made it out of this one barrel! I was so close to eating it, then, it spit me out! The rest of the week, the swell dropped. By Friday, the waves were super small, but just as fun. 

Surfing Ponce and going to Disney was amazing! I had the best experience there.....now it was on to Tybee.  

On Tybee, we had an ESA Georgia District contest. The waves were small and miserable, and the conditions were even worse. But, we still had to surf it. 

Free surfing before my first heat was very helpful, because I was able to decide on the best board for me. After surfing, I felt confident in my boards, the waves, and my surfing. 


After competing in 8 heats, or 120 minutes, I finished 1st in Girls Shortboard, 1st in Jr. Women’s Longboard, 1st in Open Bodyboard, 5th in the Menehune Logboard Final, and 5th in the Open Shortboard Final. 

Overall, it was an ok contest.  It was good practice before going to California for the NSSA Nationals. See you surfing! Shakayall!