And so it begins...

Shakayall! This past weekend, I traveled to Folly Beach, SC, for the Wahine Classic. The drive up here was a long 9 hours sitting in the backseat watching movies. With 3 boardbags full of different boards, our stuff crammed in the back of the car, and more stuff crammed at our feet, my two sisters and I were smushed together! But, we made the best of it by making each other laugh, watching movies, and playing roadtrip games. 

Summer Begins

When we finally arrived on Folly, we checked into the condo we were, and stilll are, staying at. We drove to the condo, unpacked most of our stuff, then headed straight to the beach to surf a little before the contest the very next day. We had so much fun surfing at the Washout, where the contest was to be held. The waves werenʼt perfect, but they werenʼt miserable conditions. After surfing for a few hours, we headed to the condo, ate dinner, then went to bed so weʼdʼ have energy for the next day.

The contest was so much fun! The waves were really fun, I got to surf/hang with some other Allstars, and the competition was full of amazing surfers. I met new people, saw old friends, and surfed some waves on a familiar beach. I competed in 4 divisions, and made it to finals in 3 of them. I finished 3rd in Girls Longboard, 2nd in Girls Shortboard, and 2nd in the Fun One division. All in all, it was an amazing contest to compete in.


Since weʼre still in Folly, we are surfing everyday. Yesterday evening was amazing because, after it stormed, it got really glassy and super fun. The waves were about chest high on me. Since it was high tide, the water came all the way up to the boardwalk. I thought it was so cool to step off of one step, onto the next step that was underwater, then into the ocean to paddle out! I had a blast. This morning, the wind picked up, but I still surfed and had lots of fun.

As the week progresses, I plan to keep surfing here, and go surf with some firends at Myrtle Beach Thursday, then head to Orlando on Friday morning to go to Disney World and surf NSB & Ponce.

Until then, save me some waves! Shakayall!