June: The Month of Travel

June was a very exciting month for me. I was able to travel across the country, to another country, and compete at a national level! I loved being able to see friends, travel, and gain new experiences.

The first week of June, I went out to California. We were in Oceanside for the USA Surfing National Longboard Championships. It was great to see all my friends from Hawaii and California and be able to compete. The waves were super fun and the weather was relatively okay. I was able to meet with two of my sponsors, Cobian Footwear and Team Phun, and see their warehouses. It was good to connect with them while I was out there.

The next week, my family went to Disneyland as a celebration of our fantastic grades and hard work throughout the year. It was so much fun!! I loved being able to have fun, ride rides, and act like a little kid again. The weather was great again, with June Gloom only lasting a little in the mornings.

That Sunday, we headed to Los Cabos, Mexico for a week of surfing. We got there and were able to hang out by the pool before surfing the next day. The waves at the beginning of the week were about four to five feet big and were perfect rights rolling through. At the end of the week, the waves were still clean and rolling through at ten to twelve feet. They would line up perfectly to be able to go up to the nose and stand there! I was in heaven!!! It was sad to leave at the end of the week, but I was excited to return to California to compete at NSSA.

Back in California, I practiced for my heats. I made it to finals in Explorer Longboard. I did not do as well as I would have liked to, but I finished 4th in the nation. It was good to compete at a national level and I also learned a lot about competing and waves at Huntington Beach.

All in all, California was a great place to spend a month in. The waves were great, the people were cool, and the weather was nice. I learned a lot about surfing, waves, and competing in general as well as traveling abroad. I enjoyed June and I am excited for July. Until next time, save me a wave!