Game Changer

This october was a game changer. Surfing has slowed down, school has become harder, and sports have still been in the picture. I am still traveling, and I don't think that'll ever stop.

Since I surfed only one weekend during October, I trained a lot. It was 5:00-5:20 when I'd get up and start training. I'd end at about 6:00, just in time to get ready for school. To me, training is super important because you can get out of shape faster than you can get back in shape. My goal for the winter is to stay in shape the entire season I am not surfing. When I did surf, though, it was super fun for me. We had an ESA contest, and I did pretty well. I got First in Menehune Longboard and Jr. Women's Longboard. I got Second in Girls, Menehune Bodyboard, and Open Bodyboard. I made it into the Open Final, where I placed Fifth. Overall, it was a great contest that I had fun surfing.

School will always be the same, difficult in some subjects and easy in other subjects. But, school does have some perks other than learning. I tried out for the school soccer team and made varsity! We won our last game 6-0! I enjoy playing soccer.

As far as traveling goes, I made a trip to Chicago with my family. We flew up for the weekend, and had a great time! It was cold, but we stayed warm. We saw the Blue Man Group, went to the aquarium, and my mom and sister, Sadie, ran a 5K. Sadie ran a 5K in 21 minutes! She is so fast, I can't believe it.We also went shopping for a while, and that was kinda fun. As a whole, the trip was an amazing experience. 

October was a game changer because everything slowed down and reality is really starting to settle in. Everything is okay, though. I'll play sports, train, and focus more on school. I am looking forward to November, and can't wait until I surf again.