Eastern's and All Stars

This September was an eventful September. My family and I traveled to the beach, went to soccer games, and traveled a lot. September is one of my busier months, I don't know why though, it just is. September was a fun month packed full of, most importantly, surfing!

September first started off with a quick trip to Tybee for a Labor Day weekend trip. My whole family and I headed down there to hang with friends, surf, and just chill on the beach. I got to see my best friend in the whole wide world for an entire weekend, too. (It had been about three weeks since we had seen each other) Since it was a quick trip, we only stayed there for about two days. (So, technically, it was a pretty long trip!)


After Tybee, my mom and I headed to Easterns. We stayed for a whole week. Easterns is one of my favorite contests of all time because you get to see the entire ESA come together for one event, and it is the best of the East Coast.Plus, I get to see all of my friends I only get to see only a few times each year. This Easterns was different. This time, I had a different frame of mind, better boards, and I surfed a lot better than last year. My girls heat sucked, but that didn't bother me for long. I then went out and won my Menehune Longboard heat! My Jr. Women's Longboard was good, too.

I did Menehune Bodyboard, not that I'm good or anything, for some more points towards the Allstar Team and the Iron Woman award. I ended up making it to semifinals in Menehune Longboard, where I didn't have my best heat ever, and placed 7th on the East Coast. I also made it to the Jr. Women's Longboard finals, and didn't have the best heat ever there either, and placed 4th on the East coast. Then, what really surprised me, I was awarded the Iron Woman award. Most importantly, what I really, really wanted to do, I made the Allstar Team, again! This Easterns was one of my best ones yet. I really want to make it to Easterns next year.


September ended with a Tybee contest, where I won 3 divisions, took two second places, and took a fourth place. The waves that weekend weren't anything special, just typical Tybee. It was about thigh high, some waist to stomach high sets, and choppy. The current was ripping, too. But, first place Girls, Menehune Bodyboard, and Jr. Women's Longboard isn't too bad. I also took second place in Menehune Longboard and Open Bodyboard. Then, I took fourth in Open Shortboard, and that was pretty good. That Tybee contest was one I needed. I needed a little saltwater, but to also see my best friends ever. That contest was definitely fun!

September had a few soccer games, that we were there for, too. My team won their game, but my sisters both lost their games. The day of the games, it was cold! We were bundled up on the sidelines, which was kinda hard to do if you were sitting in the little kid chair. But, it was all fun!

September was a fun month. Though it was busy, it still was awesome. We surfed, hung out with friends, and played some soccer. My family and I traveled a lot, too. So far, from January, I have traveled 19,000+ miles! But, I couldn't do it without my family. I think September showed my how important family really is. You don't miss them until you cant see them every second of your life. So, that was September. Come on, October!